Truescore Technology

The Daedo TK-Strike Protector & Scoring System was developed by a high technology Silicon startup company, Impact Measurements/Truescore Inc (IMI) USA. IMI was founded in 2000 by a group of engineers with passion for Taekwondo. IMI introduced world’s first wireless electronic judging system, Truescore system, in 2002. Over the last years Truescore system was used to score over 30,000 matches including 2004 US Olympic team trials, ESPN Titan Games, 2002 Collegian World University Games, US National Junior Olympics, US National Team Trials, Canadian National Junior Olympics and World Military Championships.

After 5 years of Research&Development, IMI developed the next advancement in technology for Taekwondo. E-trunk protector and E-head gear. The system incorporates the last proven wireless communication technology and patented sensing technique to produce highest performance equipment for Taekwondo training and competition. IMI is currently partnered with Stanford University to research and develop further advancements in technology.

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