19th edition of the Porto 2013 ETU Junior Championships

The past 25th – 28th of September Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, held the 19th edition of the Porto 2013 ETU Junior Championships with a very strong slogan: One Dream! All Together! Taekwondo. Daedo, as the official sponsor of the event, offered the Protector and Scoring System at the Championship. On the penultimate day, 27th of September, during lunch break Daedo presented a demonstration of the new head protector sensors ahead of a potential launch.

Additional information on the event:

Junior Male and Female.

One contestant per weight category.

Those, who were born in 1996, 1997 or 1998, are eligible to participate.

Complete Day 1 to Day 4 results can be found here

Official page: http://fptkd.com