An Electronic Protector for Authentic Taekwondo

Daedo TK-STRIKE is a Protector & Scoring System designed to adapt to the current WTF competition rules and Taekwondo techniques, allowing the best performance in Taekwondo training and competition. It evaluates technique, speed and power, and delivers a clear and precise scoring, altogether encouraging a more dynamic and real Taekwondo.

  • Clear zones of effective scoring
  • Fist and foot strikes distinguished and scored separately
  • Scoring of consecutive strikes without problems (3 strikes in 1 second)
  • Immediate scoring within 0.5seconds
  • No points with unauthorized strikes or zones
  • No interference from other electronic devices
  • Compatible to use with unlimited number of competition areas simultaneously
  • Blue/red reversible
  • Lightweight; e-trunk protector size 3 = 1.8kg
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to use and comfortable to wear
  • Wireless system with sensors that do not affect the competition flow
  • Possibility for referees to give or remove points during competition
  • Possibility to create customized system by adding optional elements to the Basic System, adapted to your needs
The basic components required to use the PSS at a competition are:
  • E-trunk protector
  • E-foot protector
  • Software
  • Joysticks – number can vary according to the competition needs (1 to 3)
*May add E-head gear to score manually    
You can add the E-head gear to score automatically and have a complete PSS for competition:
  • E-trunk protector
  • E-foot protector
  • E-head gear
  • Software
Joysticks – number can vary according to the competition needs (1 to 3)