Why did Swiss Timing choose Daedo?

On May 18th, the World Taekwondo Federation (President Choue Chungwon, WTF) sent an announcement to all National Federations of member countries the decision of using Daedo electronic protectors in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The decision the PSS to be used for the first time in the Olympic Games has been made and the chapter is now closed. There are currently only two WTF Recognized systems, LaJust and Daedo. There was a general prediction that LaJust would be the chosen one for the London Olympic Games, since it was used in the World Taekwondo Championships as well as in all WTF competitions. Then, why did Swiss Timing – the company chosen by the LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games) for the technical part – choose the Daedo PSS?

The assessment of the PSS can be divided into two aspects. The first question is whether the use of diverse techniques leads to a score in a consistent way. This is the point of view of taekwondo athletes.

The other aspect is the technical point of view of the system. Swiss timing focuses on this aspect. If there are two WTF Recognized PSS brands, it would be fine to use either one of them. However, in the Olympic stage the main purpose is to decrease possible risks that could arise and carry out the competition successfully. Therefore, the technical aspects such as system compatibility, the signal transmission system and wireless environment, among others, are the most important aspects to take into account.

Therefore Swiss Timing held working-level meetings with LaJust and Daedo during the World Championships in order to thoroughly study the different technical situations that could develop during the Olympics.

As a result of such meetings, it was concluded that in terms of stability in the exchange of data in a wireless environment, Daedo is superior to LaJust.

Last year, the WTF sent an assessment report to the LOCOG about the PSS last year, recommending LaJust electronic protectors. It can be inferred that the fact that Swiss Timing has chosen Daedo is because there is a clear difference between both electronic protectors in terms of the wireless environment system. In the end, the newcomers have outpaced technically the first ones.

A WTF member declared that “We will be using PSS for the first time in Taekwondo competitions in the Olympic Games in London. Swiss Timing has been in charge of the technical aspects in the Olympic Games for a long time and therefore has an important amount of know-how’s. Therefore we have to respect the judgment and decision of these experts.”

TK24 – Kim Young-Gul